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Products & Solutions


Solution Overview

In the context of intense market competition, it is a top priority of enterprises to cut costs and heighten profitability。 By dint of the shift from capital expenditure to operating expenditure, enterprises are able to increase return on capital and improve accounting profitability。 More and more enterprises choose to cut spending on in-house facilities and seek cloud services。

U-link was born out of this trend。



ECCOM U-link 

U-link is an integrated cloud collaboration solution based on carrier data center platform and provides a whole set of features, including user function authorization, WAN and user terminals。 Two basic services and multiple optional services are provided for users to choose from。

Basic Services

● Voice Service

Enterprise-grade IP voice service is provided via desktop telephone hardware and compatible client software based on IP telephone technology. 

UC voice service may include call forwarding, voice mail and unified messaging. 

● Enterprise Collaboration Service

Instant messaging, video conferencing and multi-media conferencing functions are provided to users。

Depending on the region where users are located, service access options based on private line or the Internet are provided。


Optional Services

● Enterprise directory service

● Integration of existing in-house systems

● Telephone recording service



Solution Feature

● By deploying and using U-link services, enterprises can achieve higher flexibility in collaborative working:

● U-link provides the staff with an easy-to-use and reliable collaboration tool and compared with PBX, consumes less IT resources;

● U-link dispenses with maintenance and management efforts by full-time workers, so that enterprises may input their resources into more important business systems;

● U-link gives enterprises full flexibility in responding to changes in business requirements。 They do not need to adjust the collaboration system platform because of changes in functional requirements, human resources or site size。 Thus, delivery of changes is expedited and IT efficiency is improved significantly;

● Meanwhile, the cost of system development in a lump sum is changed into service charge paid on a monthly basis. Thus, enterprises can cut capital expenditure and change it into operating expenses, which is good for the utilization of capital and budget.



Solution Strength

Collaboration Experience Assurance    

● Numerous examples of collaboration system development and support  

● Experienced technical team 

● Broad collaboration business base


Flawless Service Assurance

● Long-term operational experience

● In-house WAN line resources

● Support from carrier-grade data centers




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Cooperation with enterprise,getting successful with the cloud!

Enterprise Collaboration Cloud Construction Solution






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